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How asset-based lending can help you grow your business in 2022

29-11-2021|Anthony Gougeon

As our understanding of the COVID-19 virus grew throughout 2021, so did business resilience: despite starting off with another lockdown, 2021 saw businesses truly get on with their own journey to recovery, and although it was far from plain sailing, the various government schemes deployed in 2020 alongside traditional and asset-based lending solutions ensured the wave of insolvencies some may have expected on the back of the pandemic was kept at bay as much as possible.

Looking ahead to 2022, the road to continued recovery seems clearer than it has been over the last two years.  The pandemic seems to be reaching another critical milestone, with the UK Government currently observing the “storm clouds gathering over Europe” and assessing what impact that may have on the UK, and the full impact of Brexit on most industries remains uncertain.

However, businesses have proven that, despite the challenges, growth is still attainable thanks to the resilience of British businesses, as evidenced by our collection of case studies. What these businesses all have in common is that they used our asset-based funding solutions to keep moving and help achieve their growth aspirations.

Working with Ultimate Finance

As the funding partner of choice, we understand that not every business need is the same – that’s why we offer a range of funding solutions which we tailor to each business’ requirements.

We’re solution led. That means a business’ need comes first, not our products. Our expertise is in providing flexible funding, tailoring the right solution to a business’ unique needs.

But that’s not all: we don’t only provide the funding businesses need to keep moving, we also provide the support and peace of mind that helps them meet their ambitions, whether they’re focused on investing in people, marketing, improving products and services or simply making sure their employees are looked after.

We do this through four main asset-based lending solutions, which we then tailor to a business: Working Capital solutions comprising of Invoice Finance with sector specific variants for Construction, Recruitment and Trade Finance; Asset Finance, Bridging Finance, and our signature Structured Finance (a combination of two or more solutions to unlock as much working capital as possible).

The right funding solution for every business

Working Capital Finance

We are committed to tailoring of our funding solutions to fit business requirements – and what every business needs is access to working capital. Whether it is managing the daily challenges of cashflow, the pressure of purchasing or funding growth ambitions we have dedicated sector experts primed to provide the right support with one of the fastest and safest ways to gain access to cashflow: Invoice Finance.

Waiting to be paid is hard on any business. That’s why we offer access to up to 95% of the value of unpaid invoices within 24 hours of them being raised. We also offer additional breathing room and peace of mind with optional credit control and debtor protection features.

What makes our facilities stand out from other providers however is the breadth of service and support that comes with them. With a dedicated team of experts, 24/7 account management through a user-friendly online portal and access to a vast array of resources through regular articles, events and our Partnership network, businesses benefit from much more than just the funding they need. That’s why our clients and Introducers have consistently awarded us the industry leading score of 4.9 out of 5 on Trustpilot and chosen us as their funding partner of choice and we were named Invoice Finance Lender of the Year at this year’s SME Funding awards.

Although Invoice Finance can help support the ambitions of any business that sells to other businesses on credit, we also offer industry specific facilities tailored for Construction, Recruitment and Trade needs. Find out more about our range of Working Capital solutions.

Asset Finance

With our range of Asset Finance options, we make it quick and easy to get the equipment a business needs without the upfront costs associated with vehicles or machinery – and we do it quickly, with funding usually in place within 24 hours.

Investing in the right assets can accelerate business growth, but it requires cash. With Asset Finance, a business no longer needs to choose between cashflow and hard assets. We offer facilities up to £500k per asset and £1m per client, through Hire Purchase, Lease Financing and Refinancing – a great way to use the assets a business already owns to inject cash back into the business.

Asset Finance has already helped businesses across all industries on their road to recovery by assisting with increasing productivity and capacity.

Find out more about our Asset Funding solutions and how they’re helping businesses keep moving.

Bridging Finance

Where property is concerned, we know that speed and access to cash is everything. Throughout the last two years we have worked closely with property developers and Introducers to create an offering that directly meets the needs of the property industry.

Our unregulated residential Bridging Loans offer simple short-term funding with finance available for a whole host of business needs through five tailored loans: Purchase Bridge, Development Exit, Re-Bridge, Development Finish and Exit, and Refurbishment.

With interest rates starting from 0.74%, up to 75% loan-to-value and terms from one to 18 months, we can provide funding up to £2.5m within just a few days.

Find out more about each type of Bridging Loan and our eligibility criteria.

Structured Finance

Structured Finance is complex funding made easy: our deal team looks at a business’ requirements and applies our expertise to fully tailor a multi-asset solution to offer the greatest funding potential. To do so, we look at the cash that may be tied up in property, machinery or unpaid invoices and combine everything into a single, easy-to-manage facility with one point of contact.

Unlocking up to £5m within one facility, Structured Finance helps businesses grow and navigate a vast array of challenges: restructuring, paying shareholders, a management buy-out, or even expansion.

Find out how Structured Finance simplifies asset-based lending through service excellence.

Let’s get things moving

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