Funding that takes a wider view

Every business is unique. Our funding solutions reflect that. Everything we do is informed by one simple question: What’s going to work best for your business? Then we apply our expertise into making it happen.

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Invoice Finance

Waiting to be paid is hard on any business. Invoice Finance enables you to use your sales ledger as an asset which you can borrow against. It’s a simple way to release the cash that’s tied up in unpaid invoices. Instead of waiting weeks or even months to be paid, the cash can be in your account within 24 hours.

  • Perfect for any businesses selling to other businesses on credit
  • Up to 95% of your unpaid invoice value. Max £7m
  • Facility set up within one week. Funds are then paid within 24 hours of receiving invoices
  • Revolving working capital facility that grows with your sales
  • Dedicated specialist relationship manager
  • Manage your account via our online portal 24/7
  • Tailored facility: choose to add confidentiality, collection services and bad debt protection
  • Set-up and service fees apply
  • Security required: assignment of invoices supported by debenture
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Asset Finance

Purchase or lease the equipment, machinery, or vehicles you need to help your business grow without the upfront cost. We can have the money ready in just one day.

  • Non-regulated facilities only to any UK registered or domiciled business
  • Minimum facility size: £10,000 (Ltd company) or £25,000 (non-limited).
  • Maximum facility size: £500,000 for a single asset and £1.5m for a single customer
  • Term from 12 months to 60 months
  • Funding available within one working day
  • Dedicated relationship manager
  • Fixed repayments
  • Set-up fee and option-to-purchase fees apply
  • Security required: the asset(s) being financed
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Bridging Finance

Short-term finance to help you achieve your long term goals. Say yes to more opportunities with Bridging Finance. We get the process moving fast, so you can act fast.

  • Any UK registered or domiciled, limited or non-limited company
  • Funding from £100,000 – £3.5m
  • Up to 75% loan-to-value (LTV)
  • Funding up to 100% of the purchase price for Below Market Value (BMV) purchases
  • Residential, semi-commercial, commercial and land with planning
  • Duration from 1 – 18 months
  • It must be for a business purpose
  • First charge always registered against property
  • Decision in principle within 24 hours and a fully credit backed offer within 72 hours
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Construction Finance

Can you afford for your cash to be locked in lengthy construction contracts? We can release it for you prior to a payment certificate being issued. And we’ll do it quickly.

  • Minimum one year trading history
  • Minimum turnover of over £600k
  • Confidential Working Capital facility of up to £1.5m that grows alongside your business
  • Funding within one week
  • Fully confidential facilities managed by a dedicated construction team supported by specialist QS partner
  • Manage your account via our online portal 24/7
  • Set-up and service fees apply
  • Security required: personal guarantee, assignment of outstanding billing and WIP supported by a debenture
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Recruitment Finance

We advance cash against your temp or perm placements so you can pay your wage bill on time. A back office and Invoice Finance facility rolled into one, Recruitment Finance takes away the stress of unpaid invoices, chasing up outstanding payments, credit control and payroll administration.

  • Any UK-based business that’s ‘time-sheet’ based
  • Up to 95% of your unpaid invoice value, to a maximum of £7m
  • Facility set up within one week and payment advanced within 24 hours of your first payroll
  • Revolving working capital facility that grows with your business
  • Dedicated specialist relationship manager
  • Access to RSM’s Pay & Bill services for full back-office support
  • Manage your account via our online portal 24/7
  • Set-up and service fees apply
  • Security required – assignment of invoices supported by debenture
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Trade Finance

It’s purchasing made easy. We’ll pay your suppliers (both domestic and overseas) and give you 120 days’ credit – you pay us back when the sale is completed. A smart solution to support working capital.

  • Any UK registered or domiciled business
  • Up to £1m
  • Up to 120 days' trade credit
  • Revolving line of credit
  • Dedicated specialist relationship manager
  • Set up and service fees apply
  • Security required: title to the goods, personal guarantee, and debenture
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Structured Finance

Funding is all about finding the right solution and through our approach to Structured Finance, we’re able to offer a flexible multi-asset solution to deliver what you need. It’s complex finance made simple with one dedicated point of contact.

  • Multi-asset solution – borrow against a mix of receivables, plant and machinery and / or property, with cashflow loans in addition
  • Funding up to £10m
  • No restriction on single line assets
  • Dedicated deal team with main contact to make things seamless and complete quickly
  • Single Relationship manager to offer on-going support across the whole facility
  • Financial covenants will apply such as debt service coverage
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Let’s get things moving

If you would like to talk to us about any funding needs, call us on 0800 121 7757, register as an Introducer or request a quote for your business today