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Ultimate Finance receives certification for the security and integrity of data network and systems

05-08-2019|Ultimate Finance

As part of our digital strategy here at Ultimate Finance Group we have always recognised the importance of cyber security and the threat cybercrime can pose to data and systems. The nature of our work means we’re handling sensitive information day-in day-out so taking steps to protect our clients personal and business data is imperative.

In the past, everyone’s personal and business data would be targeted through “shoulder surfing” as we communicated with our network of friends and institutions, a simple over the shoulder view could expose an alarming amount of your sensitive data. The rise of technology and internet based businesses means today’s criminals are still targeting us for the same crimes, but with different methods that are less obvious or physical and instead cyber or virtual. Add to this the developing intricacy and originality of how stolen data is then used, it is crucial we take our responsibility as a data handler seriously.

So, we have been working with Solsoft, a leading IT managed services and security specialist, to help us on our continual journey to secure, benchmark and validate our systems and processes.

We undertook Cyber Essentials, an advice and certification scheme set up by the National Cyber Security Centre, a part of GCHQ, that helps businesses with advice on improving their cyber security. An independent expert carried out a site visit and survey to provide physical proof against their benchmarks. The rigorous testing included scanning our network, both internally and externally for any vulnerabilities, ensuring all software in use is up to date and there’s no known security issues, ensuring malicious emails are blocked and verifying hardening of devices such as computers to prevent the running or installation of harmful software.

We are pleased to announce we achieved our Cyber Essentials Plus Certification. A huge testament to the important work our IT teams do here at Ultimate Finance. With only circa 27 per cent of organisations being merited this certification, it’s a great achievement.

This is a milestone in our journey to maintain only the best processes and care for our clients and introducers data, whilst we continue our fight against financial crime.

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