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Introducing our Charity of the Year

29-05-2024|Anthony Gougeon

We are really pleased to introduce our charity of the year for 2024, which is the organisation we have elected to fundraise for as part of our Environmental, Social and Governance strategy, which is all about playing our part to help tackle challenges that are important to our customers, communities and colleagues. Our Charity of the Year was chosen by all of our employees who were invited to nominate their preferred charity earlier in the year with a final vote across all nominees. And the winner is…

The Motor Neurone Disease Association

The MND Association is a charity focused on improving access to care, research and campaigning for people affected by motor neurone disease. For those who don’t know, motor neurone disease affects the nerves known as motor neurones. These nerves are found in the brain and spinal cord and they help tell our muscles what to do. It is a brutal disease and we are proud to be supporting the MND Association in their efforts to make a difference to those affected by MND.

How we are raising funds

We will be raising funds for the MND Association through various fundraising events during 2024 including The Ultimate EURO 2024 Fantasy League, our Ultimate EURO 2024 Sweepstake, The Ultimate Individual Three Peaks Challenge and our Ultimate Christmas Raffle as well as other initiatives our teams are getting involved with throughout the year to play their part and raise awareness for this really important cause.

We will update you regularly on our progress, and should you wish to donate you can do so by visiting our fundraising page on Just Giving.

The Ultimate EURO 2024 Fantasy League

We kick off our first fundraising initiative in just a few days with the launch of the Ultimate EURO 2024 Fantasy League. We are inviting clients, introducers and employees to join the Ultimate EURO 2024 Fantasy League, with two pairs of Tottenham Hotspur tickets to be won, and consider making a donation. Keep an eye out on our LinkedIn page and upcoming newsletters to find out more!

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