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Ultimate Finance celebrates 20 years of industry leading service

02-08-2022|Anthony Gougeon

That’s an impressive amount of support and finance that we have provided to an impressive amount of businesses. As you would expect, our proposition and offering has evolved significantly over that time to become what it is now.  What has remained constant however is our unwavering dedication to supporting businesses meet their ambitions.

Today Ultimate Finance offers four core products – Working Capital Finance, Asset Finance, Bridging Finance and Structured Finance which allows for multi-asset financing. We currently support over 3,000 clients, have lent over £10bn in 20 years and we still focus relentlessly on the quality of our customer service. Our lending power continues to grow across all our funding solutions and we have a clear appetite to extend the support we offer to as many businesses as possible be they new or existing clients.

Providing a five-star experience

At Ultimate Finance we take customer service seriously, it’s at the heart of everything we do. From first contact, through the ‘onboarding’ process to in life management once your facility goes ‘live’ you will have a dedicated person looking after you and your facility.

In Working Capital Finance this means a Relationship Manager who will be on hand to answer your queries, provide assistance and ensure that you receive exactly what you have signed up for. Our service ethic is group wide and so Asset Finance or Bridging Finance clients and our network of introducers are well looked after by our talented Regional Directors who keep relationships going  well after a business has acquired the funding it needed.

Our relationship-based approach has been our key strength and differentiator since day one, and we have received hundreds of five-star reviews on independent review website Trustpilot. Most recently, one business owner commented, “Brilliant service always! We’ve used Ultimate Finance for around eight years now and they are fantastic. They fully understand our business needs, the platform is user friendly, and staff are always on hand to help if needed. Our Relationship Manager goes above and beyond to resolve any issues in a timely manner”.

In fact many clients have gone on to recommend our services to other business owners or even return to us when they needed support again citing customer service as one of the main drivers for making us their funding partner of choice again.

Strategic partnerships to keep businesses moving

We also have a wide range of business partners who we can introduce our clients to. These partners can help businesses overcome some of the numerous challenges that they face in what have been and continue to be uncertain times. These partnerships are a great example of how we add value to our service. Our aim isn’t simply to provide cash to businesses. Our aim is to offer support that makes the day to day running of a business easier. The range of partnerships we hold have helped provide further support through Financial Directors, mental health coaching, and human resources automated platforms to name but a few.

Over the last 20 years we have increased the focus we place on the service that we offer across all our products. This commitment to excellent customer service was significantly enhanced following the purchase of the business by the Tavistock Group and we continue to evolve and grow every relationship as we move forward. We take great pride in having seen the volume and quality of Trustpilot reviews over that period and look forward to seeing it continue to be industry leading over the next 20 years.

Find out more about Ultimate Finance and how we help businesses meet their ambitions.

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