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The resilience of the UK’s SMEs is being tested like never before …

14-06-2019|Ultimate Finance

Adrian Stalley, former business owner and Head of Partnerships at Ultimate Finance addresses the 9th South West Business Showcase

An experienced leader and former business owner, Adrian Stalley, Head of Partnerships at Bristol based commercial lender Ultimate Finance, will address the increasing complexity of the UK SME landscape and suggest that those who will weather these uncertain times will be the businesses who at their core are both financially and emotionally resilient.

He will reveal his own experiences of dealing with unexpected events, and in turn will demonstrate that personal and business resilience go hand in hand. Insights from Ultimate Finance’s own research into how SMEs can achieve true resilience through all facets of their business will be widely explored.

Adrian Stalley, Head of Partnerships at Ultimate Finance, speaking ahead of the event, said:

“The UK business environment is becoming increasingly complex with a number of common pressures occurring across all sizes and sectors of SMEs.

“From late payments, skills shortages and digital transformation, to regulatory compliance and of course the persistent issue of managing cashflow, SMEs, the driver of our economy, are often up against it. These are just some of the issues we are seeing our clients face, and that’s before we’ve mentioned Brexit.

“At the core of any successful SME is resilience – financial, emotional and overall wellbeing. In these times of increasing uncertainty, businesses need to invest in their resilience if they want to evolve and thrive.”

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