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Partnership Spotlight: New guidance platform helps manage HR and employment law

19-07-2021|By Ultimate Finance

In partnership with Paula Fisher, Managing Director at Practical HR Ltd

As the Funding Partner of Choice we do more than just provide funding to business owners – for us its about adding value and offering a great service to our Introducers and their clients. We work with a number of different partners who may be able to provide support to your business. Today we shine the spotlight on, an online platform designed to help SMEs manage all of their HR requirements.

If you employ staff, then HR is an integral part of running your business. But when you are trying to manage other aspects of your job and with employment law changing so often, keeping up to date with compliance issues and managing HR on a daily basis can be a huge challenge without fully dedicated HR specialists as part of your team.

Our partner Paula Fisher has run a successful HR consultancy working with SME organisation for 20 years and she’s developed a unique online platform,, that complements traditional consultancy services. She explains, “HR is about achieving your business objectives through people, so good HR is good for business. I want SMEs to be confident in dealing with any employment matters and to do so professionally. Good HR will make any SME an even better employer. Ultimately this will help the SME and the people who work in the business to prosper and grow.” provides online access to an expanding collection of content dedicated to help with HR specifics in the workplace. It has been written specifically for the SME market with lots of free advice, templates and updates, and with further content available for those who want to upgrade to a paid subscription.

When asked how business owners and their teams can benefit from the platform Paula proves a recent example, “Computer SOS Ltd, a small company employing 7 staff, used to put in place and manage all of their HR requirements. They started by using the HR audit document to identify what they did not already have in place and then worked through the guidance and used the templates to build on their HR documentation.

Using they drafted and implemented contracts of employment by followin the guidance and amending the templates. With the ‘handbook framework’ template they implemented an employee handbook, adding all the policies and procedures they needed, that were all available on They even introduced some additional inhouse processes to cover new starters, probationary reviews and absence management.

They now feel more confident dealing with HR. Firstly because they have a solid HR foundation with contracts and policies, and secondly because they can refer to so they know how to address any situation and can use the templates for any documents they may need. also keeps them up-to-date with notifications about changes in employment law and new content on”

You can visit and take a look around for yourself. Start with the introduction section to see what can do for your business.

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