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Driving business growth with Invoice Finance

19-10-2022|Anthony Gougeon

Growth can take many forms in business: a larger order book, bigger premises, additional staff, expanding into international markets and so on. Nevertheless, whatever the ambition, success can be compromised by poor cashflow management. Waiting to be paid is a pain point shared by most businesses, and many have seen their journey to growth suddenly halted by late payments or unexpected interruptions to their cashflow.

At Ultimate Finance we believe that gaining access to the right funding can significantly accelerate the growth of a business, which is why we have spent the last 20 years supporting UK SMEs with our range of tailored asset-based funding solutions. With over £10bn of funding provided since 2002, we have been able to help thousands of businesses meet their ambitions.

And when it comes to building a robust cashflow strategy, Invoice Finance has been proven to be an efficient and flexible solution to support with liquidity requirements, be it for supply chain payments or even employee wages. With the current financial climate threatening to undermine the last year of business recovery we look at how Invoice Finance can help drive growth and why more and more businesses are now choosing it over less flexible loans and overdrafts.

What is Invoice Finance?

Invoice Finance is a simple revolving line of credit where a business that sells to other businesses on credit can access the cash tied up in unpaid invoices as quickly as within 24 hours. Once an order is fulfilled and an invoice issued, the funding partner advances a proportion of the invoice value, with the remainder available upon repayment minus the lender’s fee.

The funding solution is an easy way to reduce the day-to-day pressures of cashflow management and boost working capital. Instead of waiting weeks (or even months) to be paid, the cash tied up in an invoice is made available within 24 hours. And since the sales ledger is used as an asset to secure the funding, it replaces the need for any unsecured or personal loans to be taken out by the director(s) of a business.

How does Invoice Finance work?

At Ultimate Finance, we provide up to 95% of an invoice value on the same day it is submitted to us. Your customers then repay their invoice directly into a dedicated bank account, and we transfer the remainder of the cash minus a small service charge.

We also provide optional features to further support with cashflow management. Our Credit Control option sees collection services handled by our team so that our clients have more time to do what they do best: run their business. And with our Debtor Protection feature, the risks of non-payments are eliminated through the provision of insurance.

There are many benefits to Invoice Finance: not only is cash available within 24 hours of submitting an invoice, but it also usually costs less than an overdraft facility, can help provide credit terms to customers to attract more business, can be used to pay bills, wages, VAT payments and capex purchases and can support with securing early-payment discounts from suppliers.

Driving Business growth through long-term relationships

Having developed an extensive Introducer network over the years, we work with businesses of all sizes in all industries and have a proven track record of helping businesses on their growth journey with Invoice Finance.

With our funding solutions, businesses have access to vital cashflow that can be used to invest into their operations, buy equipment, pay suppliers, hire more staff, undertake marketing campaigns and so on. In addition, one of the most praised features of our solutions is the support our team of Relationship Managers provide. Not only have our services been recognised in the financial industry at several award ceremonies, existing clients and Introducers have awarded us an excellent score of 4.9 out of 5 stars on independent review site Trustpilot. Most recently, one client said, “We’ve been with Ultimate Finance for several years now. The support from our account manager and the team is consistently exceptional, and the service they provide is an essential part of our business toolkit!”.

Keeping business moving

With our facilities, and through the long-term relationships we build with our customers, we focus on delivering funding with speed, flexibility, simplicity and excellent personal service so that businesses can focus on what makes them successful rather than worry about finances and paperwork. That’s because we believe in becoming the funding partner of choice for Introducers and business owners across the UK, and we know that to do so relies on providing easy and tailored access to the right funding at the right time.

Our Working Capital Finance offering includes sector specialisms for Construction and Recruitment, and a Trade Finance solution that can be provided with or without an Invoice Finance facility:

  • Up to £7m
  • Funding up to 95% of unpaid invoice value
  • Revolving facility that grows with a business
  • Dedicated Relationship Manager
  • 24/7 access to online account
  • Options to add confidentiality, collection services and debt protection
  • Sector specialisms for Construction, Recruitment and Trade businesses


How we can help

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