How to use Invoice Finance?

Funding Limit

When you apply for an Invoice Finance facility with us, we’ll agree a funding limit based on several factors: your current turnover, the credit terms you offer your clients but also your business requirements. As we’re here to help you meet your ambitions, we’ll allow for some buffer to help you grow, and we’ll regularly review your facility so that it keeps moving with your business.

We’ll also agree a prepayment percentage – up to 95% of the invoice value – which we’ll pay into your account as your invoices are raised. When your customers repay, you get the remaining balance minus our fee.

Raising Invoices

When raising invoices, you’ll need to add them to our online platform called E3.

Built with business owners in mind, our 5-star rated dedicated online portal lets you quickly manage your account whenever you need to from wherever you are, on a computer or a mobile device, 24/7.

Customer repayments

When we set up your facility, we’ll open a new bank account for your business – you’ll just need to update your invoice templates with the new bank details to notify your clients.

Case Studies

See how Invoice Finance has already helped businesses keep moving:

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