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Help through a quiet period with Construction Finance


“We needed a cash injection to transition from a quiet period to a busy one”

DMA Group has established itself as a leading provider of building engineering services in the South East. From air conditioning to mechanical and electrical systems – there is very little DMA can’t do.

This expertise has won them significant contracts from the likes of British Airways and RBS – as well as major clients across most sectors.

“We have great clients on our books, but were going through a quiet trading period,” says Andrew Wood, Chief Executive. “We had new projects secured but needed access to working capital to support us on our way there.”

“We needed to bridge the gap”

Andrew spoke to his broker, who quickly recommended Ultimate Finance based on the specialist products available to businesses like DMA.

“After speaking with Ultimate Finance, we felt confident in securing the cash we needed,” comments Andrew.

“We were impressed with how fast it all happened. They were able to have our Construction Finance facility up and running in a matter of weeks – far quicker than expected. Mike and the team at Ultimate Finance are excellent – they’re very responsive and do all they can for us.”

The Ultimate personal service

“Like so many companies in construction, DMA needed access to working capital to provide support in between contracts,” says Mike Jones, Client Manager at Ultimate Finance.

“This is a normal part of business life, and it’s been great working with Andrew and the team to help them through this.”

“Our business is now in a great place – we’re growing, profitable and very optimistic about the future,” comments Andrew.

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