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Release up to £1.5m in outstanding applications
for payment

Taking on contracts is what makes your business money. But taking on
those contracts also costs you money. Construction Finance turns that on
its head by letting you borrow against what you’re owed. It means your
capital is never tied-up in lengthy contracts. Instead, it’s exactly where it
belongs – in your business.
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What is
Construction Finance?

An effective way to release the cash that’s locked in lengthy construction contracts prior to a payment certificate being issued.
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Why pick
Construction Finance?

With Construction Finance your money is never tied-up. It takes the pressure off late payment concerns, even during lengthy contracts. And gives you the financial security to secure bigger contracts.
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How does
it work?

It enables you to borrow against what you are owed on a contract and we can advance you a proportion of that amount up to £1.5 million.
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Give me the facts

  • Ltd companies trading for one year minimum and with a turnover of over £600k
  • Confidential Working Capital facility of up to £1.5m
  • Security required – personal guarantee, assignment of outstanding billing and WIP supported by a debenture
  • Funding within one week
  • Set-up and service fees apply
  • Fully confidential facilities managed by a dedicated construction team supported by specialist QS partner


Any construction-related companies paid on a monthly or contractual basis who are looking to maximize their working capital.

New contracts bring new expense – from having to buy supplies upfront to paying employees weeks, or even months, before your first stage payment. Construction Finance releases the cash that’s owed to you, typically within a week. Even before completion certificates have been issued.

This depends on various factors such as the amount advanced and duration. But we’re always competitively priced and always completely transparent. There are no hidden fees or charges.

We champion flexible funding. Funding that’s tailored to match business need. So, for example, if you were also thinking about investing in growth, we could look at an additional Asset Finance facility as part of a broader funding solution.

The Ultimate way

We’re here to support you. We make every stage as straightforward as possible.

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Tell us what you need

Fill in the form below or talk your funding need through with us on the phone or we can arrange a meeting – whatever works best for you.

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We’ll set to work

And we’ll do it efficiently. We only ever ask for the essential information we need to get an offer in place.

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Funds released

Once everything is approved you just need to sign the paperwork. We’ll then complete the process by releasing the funds and making the facility live.

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