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Change is the only constant – How to reshape the future with resilience

06-10-2020|Ultimate Finance

2020 has certainly been a memorable year so far!

Nobody could have predicted the speed and level of change that we have lived through and continue to experience. The pace and variety of change, from complete lockdown to varying degrees of re-opening, re-imagining and re-creating requires our problem-solving, our energy and our resilience like never before.

In this lively and interactive session with coach and facilitator Jane Bytheway you will:
• Take away a tried-and-tested framework for assessing your crisis responses to help decide what needs to continue, and what you can let go of
• Discover the impact of stress and anxiety on the brain and how it affects your ability to think clearly – and what you can do about it
• Learn actionable tools and techniques to increase your resilience so you can feel confident in the choices you need to make to reshape your future

Jane Bytheway – The Unsticker

With over 20 years’ experience as a coach, facilitator and speaker, Jane’s passion is to contribute to peace in the world, one conversation at a time. She believes that we live in peace by developing our understanding of ourselves and each other, and from there we create the results we want through high quality communication and collaboration. She encourages people in her life – clients, friends and family alike, to nurture their personal wellbeing as a core foundation for building confidence, resilience and self-esteem.

Jane draws on a wealth of personal experience – including 10 years managing and leading teams in retail and B2B marketing, as well as professional training in coaching, NLP, focused mindfulness and personal image and impact. Jane is a certified DiSC Trainer, a model that helps individuals and teams to understand communication preferences and styles, and how to work effectively with others.

For the past 16 years she has been working with leaders, managers and their teams, sharing the best of what she has learned in order to help them achieve the results they really want – by harnessing the power of positive relationships.

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