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Keeping business moving with our team of Relationship Managers

13-05-2024|Anthony Gougeon

At Ultimate Finance, we take a unique and personal approach to funding and we pride ourselves in providing access to the funding businesses need whilst prioritising long-term relationships that keep them moving even further. Through our relationship-driven approach we match our Working Capital Finance clients with a dedicated Relationship Manager, a highly efficient expert geographically based close to them so that we can provide them with tailored support in ways that work for them including through visits at their trading location(s), and make sure that their facility meets their business needs today and tomorrow. And our clients appreciate our approach from the start of their engagement with us, and it is what makes us stand out from the competition, and why they have awarded us the industry-leading score of 4.9 out of 5 on Trustpilot!

Today we shine the spotlight on our team of Relationship Managers across the country, the very people who directly support our clients with the Working Capital Finance expertise that has helped thousands of businesses keep moving and meet their ambitions for more than 20 years.


Michelle, North

Michelle joined Ultimate Finance nine years ago already and has built an impressive career in the financial services industry with 31 years of experience behind her. Having specialised in Invoice Finance 17 years ago, she enjoys building relationships with the clients she supports and loves to see a facility grow alongside a business.

When she’s not helping businesses reach their maximum potential, she can be found pushing her own limits by lifting weights and attending regular boxing classes.


Ben, South

Ben joined Ultimate Finance as a member of our Credit Control team eight years ago and developed his experience within a few of our Working Capital Finance teams to become the passionate Relationship Manager he is today.

When he isn’t thriving on delivering tailored funding solutions to address a business’ unique cashflow needs, he can be found relaxing by playing football and video games or spending quality time with his partner and two young children. And if you happen to be a fan of Carry Grant, you may be lucky to see him wearing one of the suits made by none other than Ben’s grandfather next time you watch him on screen!


Rachel Goodfield, Construction Finance – Nationwide

Rachel joined our Construction Finance team back in 2015 and became a Relationship Manager soon after. As part of her role, she enjoys having the ability to make a real difference for our clients and their businesses. Because no two businesses are the same, it is important that we tailor our approach to servicing them, and so she appreciates being able to meet with her clients in several ways, be it virtually or face to face, or even at one of the social events we regularly organise.

If you think you’ve seen Rachel somewhere before you may very well be onto something! As a child she appeared on television performing gymnastic and even auditioned for Stars in your Eyes Kids and won a local modelling competition!

Debbie, Midlands

Debbie joined us earlier this year and has already made a great impact with our clients. Bringing with her 26 years of experience as an Invoice Finance Relationship Manager and a real passion for helping businesses keep moving. The best thing about Invoice Finance for her?  It is that it eases the cashflow needs and provides breathing space to pay suppliers and staff without needing to wait for invoices to be repaid as funds are accessible within as little as 24 hours.

In her free time Debbie likes to travel and isn’t known for having the best luck with the weather – she was once in Venice during the worst floods in a hundred years and had to carry her luggage high in the air to keep it as dry as possible on the way to the hotel! Despite a chaotic arrival, once the waters receded the trip was a great success!


Jane, North

With 26 years of experience within the Invoice Finance industry, Jane has been providing excellent Relationship Management for the past 18 years, seven of which with Ultimate Finance. For her, nothing beats the feeling of seeing a client ready to go it alone after having benefited from our support as it shows that we have served our purpose and succeeded in helping the business meet its ambitions.

Based on her experience in the sector, Jane’s top tip would be to always consider a lender’s reputation and service expectations as cheaper rates do not necessarily translate into a better facility.

Finally, should you ever find yourself wondering if you could have some of Jane’s Haribo sweets, the answer will always be a resounding no – they are just too good for her to part with a single piece!


Lesley, South

Having joined the Invoice Finance industry in 1994, Lesley became an Ultimate Finance Relationship Manager seven years ago now. Through the years she has seen the positive attitudes to Invoice Finance grow and is proud to see that it is now considered a key strategic tool by many more businesses.

Her top tip is to make sure you mention any new opportunities or challenges in your way on your next catch up with your Relationship Manager – Ultimate Finance offers a range of solutions such as Asset Finance and Bridging Loans which can be used to support you further.

As well as a Relationship Manager, Lesley is also one of our Mental Health First Aiders, a first port of call for other employees to seek assistance with their mental health. When she’s not at work, she enjoys travelling, picking up after her teenage daughter and taking long walks with Woody, her black Labrador.


Dawn, Construction Finance – nationwide

Dawn will be celebrating her first Ultimate Finance anniversary in February 2024 and has been working in the Invoice Finance industry for 15 years, having held various operational roles in Credit Control and Recoveries before moving into Relationship Management.

The best part of being a Relationship Manager for Dawn is to be able to build strong and meaningful relationships with our clients, something that she truly enjoys.

In her downtime, she likes to travel, cook and spend time with her husband and two sons and friends.


Eve, South

Eve is also about to celebrate her first year at Ultimate Finance having joined us in January 2023. Alongside her industry experience, she has been able to build meaningful relationships with new clients and help them on their way to success.

Balancing  a busy work life with two young daughters and an energetic Border Collie, Snoop, at home, Eve still manages to carve some time to enjoy a bit of cooking, quality time with her friends and having a good laugh – all three at the same time making for an ideal scenario!


Daniel, Midlands and South

Starting as a credit controller 15 years ago, Dan found a passion for the Invoice Finance industry that led him to joining Ultimate Finance in 2023. The best part of his job is being on the road to meet new and existing clients on their premises so that he can understand their business better and support them in more effective ways by adapting his support to their unique requirements.

A huge fan of music, Dan has a taste for fame this year having donned his finest denim and leather to appear as an extra in a Swedish rock band’s music video which has already been seen over two million times on YouTube!


Louis, Construction Finance – nationwide

Louis will be celebrating five years at Ultimate Finance in April 2024. After joining us as an Assistant Relationship Manager, he now specialises as a Relationship Manager to our Construction Finance clients where he’s been able to support businesses in the industry with service and funding that is tailored to them.

As well as regularly meet clients at their place of business, Louis enjoys  building relationships with our clients by also organising social events that facilitate getting to know each other better from a day at races together, dinner out and taking in a comedy show to a friendly competitive sporting day. And Louis knows a thing or two about friendly competition: he single-handedly ran a local 11aside team on Sundays for three years in a row!


Helen, North

Helen joined Ultimate Finance in December 2018 and has a total of 27 years’ experience in the Invoice Finance Industry during which she’s held various roles. A lover of all things numerical, she turned her passion for playing banker in Monopoly into reality as she now gets to help our clients manage their cashflow on a daily basis as part of her role. A great listener and a firm decision maker, she enjoys being able to help clients resolve issues and grab new opportunities by thinking creatively and strategically about funding.

And it’s not just at work that she gets to make big decisions – Helen recently had her first tattoo at age 51, although it may also very well be her last one!


Ria, South

Ria joined Ultimate Finance in our Credit Control team over 11 years ago and has since made the most of her passion for delivering exceptional service and building strong relationships with businesses by becoming one of our Relationship Managers.

For her, the most rewarding part of the role is to be able to make a direct positive impact on our clients’ businesses and being an integral part of their growth and success.


Matthew, South

Boasting an impressive career spanning over 30 years , Matthew recently celebrated his fifth year at Ultimate Finance, where he enjoys the creative opportunities that asset-based lending offers when it comes to finding solutions to businesses’ working capital requirements. An avid supporter of Invoice Finance, Matthew believes that there are plenty more companies out there that could benefit from the tried and tested funding solution.

A keen tennis player – he might even say an over enthusiastic one at times – Matthew can be found playing it at least two to three times a week to keep a healthy body and healthy mind.


Zena, Scotland

With over 13 years of experience in the Invoice Finance industry through her various roles , Zena quickly progressed to become a Relationship Manager in Scotland in 2017 and now looks after all of our clients in Scotland as well as some of the North of England. Having worked with various business lenders in the past, Zena brings to relationships a wealth of knowledge, good humour and an understanding of the flexibility and problem solving required to keep businesses moving.

Zena’s German Sheppard Rizzo can mostly be found by her side, whether it is to cheer on the Scottish football team, catch up with colleagues or even put up the Christmas tree!


At Ultimate Finance we strongly believe that it is through a combination of tailored funding and truly excellent service that we can best serve our purpose and help businesses succeed day after day, which is why we ensure that our Relationship Managers all share our passion for keeping business moving and remain dedicated to our clients.

Could your business benefit from the five-star rated support from our? Get in touch with us to find out more about how a Working Capital Finance solution can help your business meet its ambitions.

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