What is Trade Finance

What is Trade Finance?

Funding that allows you to make purchases and pay suppliers before you’ve received the cash from the sale – as your funding partner of choice, we pay your suppliers on your behalf so that you never need to miss an opportunity.

Why pick Trade Finance?

It gives you buying power. You can pay your suppliers without the worry of cashflow or late payments and it allows you to negotiate better terms or rates – or fulfil bigger orders and even take on new customers, domestically or internationally. In a nutshell, Trade Finance opens the door to more opportunities.

How does Trade Finance work?

We pay the supplier on your behalf so you get the goods and you pay us back once goods are delivered to the customer and invoiced through an Ultimate Invoice Finance facility, or when the customer pays – we can even handle the repayments directly through your Invoice Finance facility with us.

Trade Finance and Brexit

The new Brexit rules have seen many small businesses needing to complete additional paperwork or review what shipping company/freight forwarder they use in order to achieve the smooth transition of goods from the EU into the UK. One of the biggest changes small businesses have seen is the need to pay VAT upfront for the import of goods.

As part of a Trade facility, we can assist with VAT and Duty/Freight payments for goods purchased through the facility. This can free up cashflow and also allow flexibility while claiming back VAT from HMRC.

Let’s get things moving

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