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A simple way to bridge the financial gap between paying costs for the supplies you need and being paid by your customers

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Fulfill big orders and
grow your business

A smart solution to support working capital. We’ll unlock the funds you need and give you 120 days’ credit so you can pay local and overseas suppliers. Then you pay us back when the sale is completed. It’s purchasing made easy.

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What is
Trade Finance?

Funding that allows you to make purchases and pay suppliers before you’ve received the cash from the sale.
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Why pick
Trade Finance?

It gives you buying power. You can pay your suppliers without the worry of cashflow or late payments and it allows you to negotiate better terms or fulfill bigger orders.
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How does it

We pay the supplier on your behalf so you get the goods and give you 120 days credit to pay us back when you make the sale.
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Give me the facts

  • Any UK registered or domiciled business. Must be alongside an Ultimate Invoice Finance facility
  • Up to £1m
  • Revolving line of credit
  • Set up and service fees apply
  • Security required – title to the goods, personal guarantee and debenture
  • You pay us back once goods are delivered to the customer and invoiced through an Ultimate Invoice Finance facility, or when the customer pays
  • Dedicated specialist relationship manager


Any business that buys or sells goods. Seasonal business or businesses that receive large one-off orders can really benefit from Trade Finance.
Less stress. More purchase power. There’s no pressure of how you’re going to pay a supplier – we do that on your behalf. Having to juggle your cashflow isn’t an issue. Late payments no longer a concern. Instead, Trade Finance gives you increased buying power: Bulk-buying at a reduced cost; early payment discounts from your suppliers; preferential rates because you’re always reliable. The result? Increased profit margins with the added bonus of giving you a ‘good name’ in your industry.
Trade Finance is repaid as the goods are sold. The quicker you sell the goods, the quicker and more cost effective your repayments will be. To find out more, please get in touch and one of our advisors will be happy to help.

How many times have you let an opportunity pass you by simply because you didn’t have the cash available to make it happen? Trade Finance gives you the financial clout to say yes.

Yes to taking on bigger orders, more clients and expanding into new markets – both domestic and overseas. Trade Finance can act as the catalyst for your growth ambitions.

All our products are designed to be completely flexible, so just tell us what you need. For example, it may be that through Trade Finance you’ve been able to expand your offering or break into another market. We can tailor a funding solution which will help you achieve the next phase of your growth.

The Ultimate way

We’re here to support you. We make every stage as straightforward as possible.

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Tell us what you need

Fill in the form below or talk your funding need through with us on the phone or we can arrange a meeting – whatever works best for you.

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We’ll set to work

And we’ll do it efficiently. We only ever ask for the essential information we need to get an offer in place.

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Funds released

Once everything is approved you just need to sign the paperwork. We’ll then complete the process by releasing the funds and making the facility live.

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Our funding works the way you need it to

It’s why more and more businesses are choosing us as their funding partner of choice

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