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Pass the payroll
headaches onto us

Ever worried about how you’re going to pay your wage bill on time? Recruitment Finance takes away the worry with a cash advance against your placements. Not only that, it’s a back office and Invoice Finance facility rolled into one so we’ll take care of chasing up your outstanding invoices, credit control and payroll administration.

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What is
Recruitment Finance?

A complete finance and back office package. We advance cash against your temp or perm placements as well as facilitate the processing, payroll and credit control demands by giving you access to RSM’s market-leading Recruitment Pay & Bill services.
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Why pick
Recruitment Finance?

We ease the pressure of cashflow and the burden of the payroll process. Our specialist recruitment team ensure that everything runs smoothly giving you more time to concentrate on running your business.
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How does
it work?

We process your time sheet information and then advance the cash to meet your payroll cost. Once your clients pay the invoice, you’ll get the balance owed to you, minus our fee. We can fund up to 95% of your unpaid invoice value, up to £5 million.
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Give me the facts

  • Any UK-based business that’s ‘time-sheet’ based
  • Up to 95% of your unpaid invoice value, to a maximum of £5m
  • Facility set up within one week and payment advanced within 24 hours of your first payroll
  • Revolving working capital facility
  • Set-up and service fees apply
  • Security required – assignment of invoices supported by debenture
  • Dedicated specialist relationship manager
  • Access to RSM’s Pay & Bill services for full back-office support


Recruitment Finance is for any timesheet-related company that is paid to credit terms and needs support with their back office administration and working capital in order to pay wages.

It’s a matter of timing. Wages for workers are usually paid on a weekly basis, but customer invoices are often paid monthly. This creates a cashflow gap, which can easily be solved using Recruitment Finance.

It’s done through a pay and bill system. You input your timesheet information and then we’ll release the funds you need in advance to meet your payroll cost. We’ll also deal with all the associated responsibilities in paying staff; handling pension contributions and dealing with HMRC.
All our products are designed to be completely flexible, so just tell us what you need. For example, it may be that with your cash flow taken care of, you want to expand. We can tailor a funding solution based on various products to help you achieve your goals.
Recruitment is all about building relationships, which is why we’ll take the time to build a relationship with you. You’ll have the support of a dedicated Relationship Manager who will tailor finance to exactly match the needs of your business – and who can respond quickly in any situation. Everything we do is designed to make your life easier.

The Ultimate way

We’re here to support you. We make every stage as straightforward as possible.

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Tell us what you need

Fill in the form below or talk your funding need through with us on the phone or we can arrange a meeting – whatever works best for you.

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We’ll set to work

And we’ll do it efficiently. We only ever ask for the essential information we need to get an offer in place.

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Funds released

Once everything is approved you just need to sign the paperwork. We’ll then complete the process by releasing the funds and making the facility live.

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Our funding works the way you need it to

It’s why more and more businesses are choosing us as their funding partner of choice

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