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Get the equipment your business needs without having
to pay the large upfront costs

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Get the assets you need quickly and easily

Purchase or lease the equipment, machinery, or vehicles you need to
help your business grow without the upfront cost. We can have
the money ready in just one day.
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What is
Asset Finance?

Straightforward hire purchase or leasing, it lets you buy or lease new equipment without paying all the costs upfront.
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Why pick
Asset Finance?

Need new machinery, new equipment or a new addition to your fleet? We can finance the asset on your behalf within 24 hours. And our repayment plans are expertly tailored to fit your needs.
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How does
it work?

We buy the equipment for you via a hire purchase or leasing agreement and you pay us back at a fixed rate over an agreed term.
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Give me the facts

  • Non-regulated facilities only to any UK registered or domiciled business
  • Min £10,000 (Ltd company) or £25,000 (non-limited). Max £500,000 for a single asset and £1m for a single customer
  • 12 months – 60 months
  • Funding within one working day
  • Security required – the asset being financed
  • Fixed repayments make it easier to budget
  • Set-up fee and option-to-purchase fees apply
  • Dedicated relationship manager


Asset Finance is for both limited and non-limited companies who want to invest in assets such as equipment, machinery or vehicles without having to pay for them up front.

You will pay a fixed interest rate which will be outlined in your agreement and is dependent on a variety of factors including the amount borrowed and the duration of the repayments. The monthly cost of these repayments will then remain the same.

We work fast. We’ll give you a decision within one working day of contacting us. It’s a smooth process as we only ever ask for essential information. Once your contract is in place, the asset can be financed within 24 hours.

Although you get exclusive use of the assets you’ve bought, they still remain the property of Ultimate Finance. If you have a hire purchase we will give you the option to buy the assets outright, at the end of your agreement, for a small fee. If you have a lease agreement you can continue to hire the equipment or we can arrange a sale.
Hire Purchase gives you the option to purchase the asset for a small fee at the end of the agreement.
With Hire Purchase, you generally pay a higher amount upfront. The remaining cost of the asset is split and repaid at a pre-agreed fixed-rate of interest per month until the end of the agreement.
At the end of the agreement, you will be given the option to purchase the asset outright for a small fee.

We purchase the asset on your behalf and essentially rent it to you.

You then pay us a series of instalments. With Lease Financing, you pay a lower amount upfront than you would for Hire Purchase. The remaining cost is split and repaid at a pre-agreed fixed-rate of interest per month until the end of the lease. At the end of the lease period you’ll have the option to keep it is subject to an annual rental.

Refinancing allows you to release cash that’s tied up in your existing assets and can help boost your cashflow. It can be provided on both Lease Financing and Hire Purchase agreements – even if you have money still left to pay.

Usually Refinancing is worked out as a percentage of the asset’s equity. If you own the asset without finance you’ll typically be able to get a higher percentage of the item’s overall value.

The Ultimate way

We’re here to support you. We make every stage as straightforward as possible.

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Fill in the form below or talk your funding need through with us on the phone or we can arrange a meeting – whatever works best for you.

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We’ll set to work

And we’ll do it efficiently. We only ever ask for the essential information we need to get an offer in place.

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Funds released

Once everything is approved you just need to sign the paperwork. We’ll then complete the process by releasing the funds and making the facility live.

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