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Flexible credit that works for you

When you’re running a business, cash often doesn’t come in as quickly as you’d like. FlexiCredit gives you access to funding through an online portal which you can draw against at any time. There for you whenever you need it, whatever you need it for.
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What is

A simpler form of Invoice Finance that gives you a pre-approved credit limit. Yours to draw upon whenever you need to.
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Why pick

No-one knows what’s around the corner. An exciting opportunity. An unexpected cost. With FlexiCredit readily available you’re already prepared for the unexpected.
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How does
it work?

The funding is there if you need it – and it’s easy to manage. All we need is your total invoice figure each month and any credit note figures.
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Give me the facts

  • Any business with a turnover up to £600,000 or under that provides credit terms to other businesses
  • Funding between £25,000 – £75,000
  • 12 month minimum term with rolling contract thereafter
  • Fixed monthly fee plus competitive interest on what you use
  • Once we have supporting documents and a signed agreement your facility will be set up the next working day
  • Access to cash – same day payment (as long as requested before 4pm)
  • Payment of fees – Automatically deducted from your FlexiCredit account every month
  • Security required – personal guarantee and debenture


We designed FlexiCredit specifically for SMEs with a turnover of up to £600,000 who are paid by invoicing other businesses.

There’s always an element of uncertainty in business. Whether it’s the rising cost of overheads, the perpetual challenges of cash flow or late payment concerns, FlexiCredit gives you a readily available source of funding. Whenever you need a cash injection, we can have the funds in your account on the same day. Once we set your FlexiCredit limit, there’s no further application or approval process to go through.

We pre-approve your credit limit based on your ledger when we set up your account. All you have to do is give us the value of your invoices and credit notes each month.

Everything is managed through your online account. When you need funds, simply log in and request from your available balance. Do it by 4pm and the cash will be available later that day. It’s that simple. Any questions, we’re only ever a call or email away.

We aim to make the process as simple as possible and keep our requests for documents to what’s absolutely necessary. For FlexiCredit, we’d need you to provide 3 months’ bank statements, aged debtors and creditors’ reports, latest financial accounts, a sample paper trail and confirmation of HMRC.

We base the facility on your sales ledger and can offer from £25,000 up to £75,000. Should you need greater funding we can talk through your options with you. Our expertise is in flexible finance: get in touch, tell us what you’re hoping to achieve and we’ll take it from there.

As long as you need it. FlexiCredit is done on a 12 month minimum term with a rolling contract thereafter, so it’s always there for you ‘on standby’ whenever you need it.

FlexiCredit is a simpler form of Invoice Finance, so there’s no need to have both. Many customers who already had Invoice Finance with us have moved onto FlexiCredit because it’s easier; there are no monthly invoices to submit.

The Ultimate way

We’re here to support you. We make every stage as straightforward as possible.

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Tell us what you need

Fill in the form below or talk your funding need through with us on the phone or we can arrange a meeting – whatever works best for you.

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We’ll set to work

And we’ll do it efficiently. We only ever ask for the essential information we need to get an offer in place.

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Funds released

Once everything is approved you just need to sign the paperwork. We’ll then complete the process by releasing the funds and making the facility live.

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Our funding works the way you need it to

It’s why more and more businesses are choosing us as their funding partner of choice

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