Legal Onboarding Team Assistant



We are looking for someone to join our newly created Legal Onboarding Team to work with our Legal Onboarding Team Manager to provide advice and support on our bridging finance product. The Legal Onboarding Team has been created to ensure that we deliver on strategic objectives for the bridging finance product by delivering a robust operating model and enabling a highly competitive product.

This is a fast-paced team and requires someone who is comfortable being proactive and working to tight deadlines whilst ensuring that legal risk is managed properly across the business and the transactions we enter into.

Key responsibilities

  1. Assist with the co-ordination and management of the due diligence process on all bridging finance deals underwritten by Ultimate.
  2. Assist with the preparation of documents relating to bridging loan facilities including facility and security documents.
  3. Review documents and correspondence and report and escalate issues as needed to the Legal Onboarding Team Manager and the business units.
  4. Prepare documents including conveyance instructions and letters to various parties.
  5. Liaise with various teams across the business, including the relevant Regional Director, Underwriting and Operations, to ensure that all legal issues arising out of a transaction are identified and assessed properly before a facility is paid out.
  6. Collaborate with internal teams, including legal, sales, underwriting and operations and external clients to ensure the pay out of new facilities and amendments to existing ones.

Characteristics & Behaviours

You will have previously worked in an office environment and are maybe working in a similar role at another lender or financial services business. Either way, whilst experience of bridging finance would be helpful, the most important thing is a willingness to learn and get involved with everything that goes on. Curiosity about what we do and how we do it is vital, and a key part of our learning process. Whilst we have processes in place to help you, you will be comfortable with being proactive and using your initiative to solve issues and challenges as and when they arise.

Key skills and knowledge

Attention to detail – this is a role that focuses on documents and processes to ensure that legal risk is managed properly across the business and the transactions we enter into.  A keen eye for detail is essential, and you will enjoy being immersed in preparing documents and preparing them to a high level of accuracy as well as checking that our processes are followed properly.

Ownership– As you get to know the business, you will appreciate that we all look out for each other and therefore if something doesn’t look right or, if you think something has been missed, it is important that you are happy to speak up and help work with others to solve the problem. Resilience is vital, as is the ability to stay claim under pressure whilst maintaining focus and prioritising work requests. As this role is key to ensuring transactions are paid out to customers, you will need to be comfortable being reactive to others needs as well as proactive in anticipating them, so we deliver an efficient process from start to finish.

Communication plays a key part in achieving good outcomes for our business and the customer, so you will need to be an excellent communicator and be able to present information clearly and concisely.


This is a great opportunity to learn new things, whilst becoming an expert in what you do.

The Bridging Legal Onboarding Team is a new team to Ultimate and has been created to help us deliver on our strategic vision for the bridging finance product.   It is a highly visible role within the business where you will collaborate with teams from different areas of the business to help deliver the funding our bridging customers need.

You will get a chance to learn about every aspect of our bridging finance product as well as being part of the wider Legal and Compliance team.

No two facilities are ever the same and this is a great opportunity which will help you develop a wide range of skills.  You will get a chance to learn about every aspect of what we do and share in the responsibility for making our team and the business a success.

Whilst the day job is important, we encourage people to step out of their normal role and responsibilities and you will have the opportunity to involve yourself in business wide initiatives such as our CSR Give a Day or Mental Health and Wellbeing initiatives.

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